Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome to BCA Learners and Academic Counselors

Dear BCA Learners and Academic Counselors,

I welcome you to the blog that is dedicated to you all. Through this blog, we will try our best to work with you to enrich BCA programme. In fact, we request  you to post your suggestions, comments as well as problems you are facing reg. BCA. I am not promising you that we will solve each and every of your problems but we directly or indirectly will try our best to solve them. We shall request IGNOU's operational divisions such as SED, SRD, MPDD and SSC to be in touch with blog and keep responding. We shall also update RCs about the creation of this blog so they can inform students and academic counselors across study centers in their jurisdiction. Pls. dont expect for response for each and every query as it is not possible for us to respond in that manner. I request you to follow the official channels to get your problems resolved apart from posting them here.

I also request you to follow me on Twitter at the Twitter handle @bcaignou to get the latest updates. You can also register yourself to the BCA learners group at as we will also e-mail the updates to the this group. As on date , there are more than 4300 registrations to this group. You can e-mail to to register to the group.

Then, We also have an e-mail ID dedicated to BCA on to which you can mail your queries. You can also e-mail to until June, 2013 to get your queries resolved.

In brief, above are some of the student support services offered directly from BCA Programme Coordinator to the students and academic counselors of BCA.

Wishing you all the best,

Associate Professor and BCA Coordinator,
New Delhi - 110068